The Goodbye Family Unveiled por Lorin Morgan-Richards

The Goodbye Family Unveiled por Lorin Morgan-Richards

Titulo del libro : The Goodbye Family Unveiled
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 20, 2017
Autor : Lorin Morgan-Richards
Número de páginas : 104
ISBN : 0997319364
Editor : A Raven Above Press

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Lorin Morgan-Richards con The Goodbye Family Unveiled

Páginas: 104 Géneros: 12:WHX:Humour collections & anthologies 12:FX:Graphic novels 12:WHJ:Jokes & riddles Sinopsis: What the crape?Lorin Morgan-Richards presents his third collection ,of panel comics from The Goodbye Family and ,The Noodle Rut.Our favorite family of undertakers return from ,their Weird West World. ,With an uptick of paranormal happenings in town, ,Orphie officially takes over as sheriff, while Pyridine ,tests out her mortician delivery service and Otis ,questions the family business. ,",Putting the Fun back in Funeral.", - Cousin Slop",The Goodbye Family is a disgrace to our town.", - Baron Von Nickle_,

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