The Combo Defense (English Edition) por Ed Anderson

The Combo Defense (English Edition) por Ed Anderson

Titulo del libro : The Combo Defense (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 3, 2011
Autor : Ed Anderson
Número de páginas : 69

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Ed Anderson con The Combo Defense (English Edition)

All skills in the great game of basketball are important, but in order to win games consistently, defense must surely be the most important. This statement refers to a team concept of defense which includes defensive theory, defensive attitude, and, of course, defensive skills. It is the intent of this book to give the reader a complete defensive system that is time-tested and has been proven to be the "stopper" for any half-court offense. It is a team oriented defense where each individual is not only responsible for an individual offensive player but a variety of team responsibilities. It is a combination (thus the name "Combo") between man-to-man principles and zone principles, taking the strengths of both and forming them into a devastating defense which destroys the offense. "The Combo" begins as a man-to-man defense and evolves into the "combination" according to the keys from the offense.

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